Self-defense isn’t that serious? A new way of understanding martial arts

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1. Self-defense requires serious preparation Historically martial arts have created great fighters that are fast, strong and powerful. In MMA competition martial artists have found a new venue in which to practice their techniques against other skilled fighters. These are conditioned athletes who are well trained, pain resilient and mentally tough. Therefore, martial artists spend years […]

Honest thoughts on BJJ

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1. Bjj as the ultimate self-defense Inevitably if you study martial arts you will hear about Brazilian jiu-jitsu. To many bjj represents the pinnacle of self-defense, the ability to defeat a larger, more aggressive attacker without inflicting serious injury. Americans always wanted the skill to have a physical and moral victory, to win and not […]

No Stances My Friend!

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  The Truth about Stances in Combat   1. Introduction Martial arts have an enormous amount of stances they teach. Arts such as karate, tai chi, boxing and wrestling have specific stances that you’re supposed to fight from. Certain stances range in effectiveness as proven in boxing and early mixed martial arts events. The general view is that […]