Can Using Guided Chaos Put you in Jail?

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1. Is Guided Chaos too extreme?

People argue the measures used in Guided Chaos are too drastic for self-defense. On my recent video I posted people commented that for self-defense you can’t strike people intending to seriously injure them. The reason is the law would punish you for taking such drastic action. However, people that argue this don’t understand the context of the situation I train people for. In an all-out violent criminal assault you must be skilled in dangerous lethal methods to survive. Furthermore, the more dangerous a situation is the more lethal measures you can take to protect yourself.

2. To survive criminal assaults lethal striking is necessary

To survive a brutal criminal assault you have to use lethal striking to survive. People think that guided chaos chooses dangerous, brutal methods for no reason. That’s not true, Grandmaster John Perkins devised these methods based on the forensic reality of combat he was studying and experiencing. As a police officer Grandmaster Perkins was battling criminals on PCP and enraged with adrenaline. They weren’t stopping from punches and kicks, often his nightstick would break from striking attackers. Therefore he found that strikes to the eyes and throat were more effective and damaging in close quarters combat.

3. If you’re life is in danger you’re justified in using deadly force

Legally you’re justified in using lethal measures to protect yourself if the situation warrants it. I only train people to survive brutal criminal assaults involving multiple attackers and weapons. I teach students to defend themselves only when they feel they’re going to be seriously injured or killed. Multiple attackers are deadly, weapons are deadly, criminals on pain-reducing drugs are deadly. These situations warrant a more drastic response and therefore you’re justified in acting this way.

4. For less lethal situations you can use less deadly attacks

For less lethal situations I don’t advise using lethal striking to stop the attack. If you don’t feel you’re life is in danger then generally I advise and teach people how to ramp down their offense. Again context is key and being able to quickly read situations is important. That being said Guided Chaos has found that usually it’s easier to ramp down offense than it is to ramp it up in the moment. The reason is once attackers get momentum in assaults it’s very difficult to get it back.

Lastly for situations that aren’t lethal you can avoid them usually with awareness and avoidance strategies. I’m often asked how to deal with someone who gets in your face after you cut them off in traffic, tries to fight you because you bumped them etc. This is where self-defense goes beyond the physical training. Adopt an attitude wherein any situation where you’re not cornered and in immediate fear for your life you’ll avoid. Avoidance strategies such as running, deescalation, apologizing to an aggressor, not going to drinking establishments and staying away from low-crime areas usually allow you to avoid situations that don’t warrant a lethal response.

5. Final Thoughts

Lastly this gives you the moral clarity to attack with everything you got without feeling bad about it. When you’ve taken every precaution possible to avoid an attack and someone still keeps moving forward you won’t hesitate. In your mind you’re confident you’ve exhausted every option and now you no longer have a choice but to defend yourself.

Hopefully I’ve provided the reason why Guided Chaos advises using lethal striking for self-defense. Remember context is key people. Until next time…bring the chaos!!!

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