Self-defense Sucks!

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The Problem with Self-Defense Training  1. Self-defense classes are ineffective Self-defense is a strange topic in our society. It’s strange because many of us say it’s important but don’t get around to learning it. In fact we are more concerned about personal fitness than we are about our personal safety. While I think staying healthy is important […]

To Punch or Not too Punch?

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  Punching for Self-Defense   1. Should I punch? Many self-defense courses first teach how to punch in their classes. Punching can be a valuable tool for people to learn. That said, its valuable when it’s taught secondarily to other strikes. Generally speaking punching shouldn’t be the primary striking method taught for self-defense. In this article I’ll […]

Get some sleep!

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  Importance of Sleep for Self-defense   1. Introduction In this writing I will discuss the effects of sleep on physical and athletic performance. The reason is to better understand how important sleep is for the ability to defend oneself from violent physical attacks. As a self-defense instructor, I’m aware of the physical strategies one must […]

Distance! Keep your space when you’re on the street.

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Beginners Guide to Personal Comfort Zone 1. A Common Scenario Imagine walking down the street and there’s plenty of people next to you. You’re aware of your surroundings,paying attention as much as possible. However people are bumping into you and suddenly someone pushes you abruptly from the back. You turn around and see a man yelling at […]

Awareness is Most Important for Self-defense

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  Awareness is Most Important for Self-defense 1. First self-defense you need Most new students learn self-defense training for exotic looking techniques or lethal moves that can seriously injure people. Often they are disappointed to learn the first lesson in Guided Chaos Combatives has nothing to do with physical fighting. The first skill is awareness. I know you’re […]

Your training for life and death not your ego…lesson from Grandmaster John Perkins

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    Words from Grandmaster Perkins Something some of us don’t realize when we are practicing GC…… Guided Chaos is not for dueling or competition…The training is designed for worst case scenarios like life and death assasination style attacks or multiple assailant attacks…Armed and unarmed… When training together we practice moving in unrehearsed non patterned […]