Clear The Weapon Attack the Enemy

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1. How to deal with robbery scenarios

Robberies are a dangerous scenario that need to be taken seriously. The best defense is awareness which allows you to avoid the situation altogether. However, if you’re caught unawares you need a physical plan that’ll allow you to escape. There are techniques to deal with this but many of them are impractical. Instead of going through techniques I will offer suggestions that’ll aid you in defending yourself in a hold-up situation. When a weapon is held against your body you need to get your hands close to it, clear the weapon and/or control it, move your body off-line and attack the assailant.

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2. Get your hands close to the weapon and move your body away

In any holdup situation you need to get your hands as close to the weapon as possible. If your hands are far from the it, it’ll take too long to get your hands close to the weapon to control it. This can be accomplished by using subterfuge such as feigning an illness, acting scared or pretending to bring your hands up to show submissiveness. Once your hands get close to the weapon it’s time to go on the offense.

Next, forcefully move the weapon off your body while further moving your body away from the weapon. Now clear it by either knocking it out the way or knock it off you while grabbing it at the same time. Naturally, it depends on the circumstances and what you need to achieve in the moment. Simultaneously you need to move your body away from the weapon creating further distance away from you making it harder for a knife or gun to be effective. Both of these actions need to be done VERY quickly with full commitment.

3. Attack the Attacker

Lastly, attack the assailant with a barrage of strikes until they’re incapable of defending themselves or you’re able to escape. While you’re holding onto the assailants weapon arm with one hand you need to strike with the other. Attack with palms, elbows, eye strikes, hammer-fists, chops to the throat, head butts, knees, kicks and stomps. Don’t stop attacking until your attacker offers no chance of being able to hurt you.

4. Final Thoughts

Always remember there are no guarantees when executing these techniques. Variables such as your attackers size, relative strength, environment, number of assailants, weather can all change the situation quickly. That’s why it’s important to practice consistently and get more training under your belt. More training means more options giving you the ability to do more under stress.

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One thought on “Clear The Weapon Attack the Enemy

  1. “More training means more options giving you the ability to do more under stress.”

    Well explained Omari! The subject of the firearm is a critical one and you said the right advice, without sophisticated techniques or irrational theories. Chaos reigns, but we train to bring our order about it.
    From your brother in arms in Brazil!

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