Distance! Keep your space when you’re on the street.

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Beginners Guide to Personal Comfort Zone

1. A Common Scenario

Imagine walking down the street and there’s plenty of people next to you. You’re aware of your surroundings,paying attention as much as possible. However people are bumping into you and suddenly someone pushes you abruptly from the back. You turn around and see a man yelling at you for bumping into him. You apologize immediately hoping to diffuse the situation as soon as possible. This makes him angrier and you tell him to get back because you don’t want to fight. He ignores you and begins throwing punches.

This is a familiar scenario that many of us have dealt with. It’s very scary to have a larger, stronger and more aggressive person threatening you. Your awareness was up and you noticed the person but it didn’t do any good. All you did was notice the threatening person but it didn’t help you to STOP the person from attacking you. So what’s the solution?


2. Keep your space from people

The solution is that you need to develop a personal comfort zone. The personal comfort zone is as far as you can reach with your hands and feet. Don’t let anyone encroach on your personal space if you don’t want them to. If they attempt to; create more space for yourself. If you let people get in close distance to you it’s easier for them to attack you and harder for you to recover. Your personal comfort zone is your trigger that allows you to know when to attack hostile people. As soon as the person enters your range where you can hit, attack preemptively!


3. Closing thoughts

Do everything you can to avoid a potential attack (more on this in a future post). Rather that’s through running or accepting personal insults you only want to fight when there is no other alternative. In addition only fight when you feel like your life or the life of a loved one is being threatened. Therefore you won’t hesitate to fight all-out because you attempted to avoid fighting by every means possible. Furthermore I recognize there are certain times when you can’t avoid being close to many people. For example if you take the subway, are on a busy street corner or simply like walking close to potentially dangerous strangers. In those situations your awareness needs to be heightened since your personal comfort zone is smaller. Good luck!

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