GCC Level 1

Enhanced Reality-based Close Combat

The goal of this class is to provide a solid foundation for clients. You can expect to learn all of the basics of self-defense and protection. We go over awareness and avoidance strategies, how to deal with unwanted approaches on the street, street smart tips for paying attention in public and how to protect yourself while traveling/driving. Also, we cover effective striking that’s proven to work in real combat, scenario training that covers most types of violent assaults/robberies and strategies to safeguard your home. 

Also we comprehensively go over how to develop your mindset to survive and defend yourself from real violence. The truth is that we give you the best physical training possible but it doesn’t matter if you’re not mentally prepared. So in many ways, mental preparation is more important than the physical skills you learn. As a result, we work tirelessly to develop the aggressiveness and ruthlessness necessary to win. In short, we will get you to unleash your inner WARRIOR!

Dynamic Conditioning Exercise For the Entire Body 

In order to protect yourself, you need to develop your body the right way. Our conditioning program develops your body to move explosively with power and endurance. All of the exercises you do are geared towards making you fight better. This is real fitness for combat that will take your ability to defend yourself to the next level.

There’s no prerequisite fitness level to attend this class. Don’t be intimidated! This class is designed to incorporate people of all abilities and build them up over time. At the same time even experienced fitness enthusiasts will find great benefits from this program because of the way our exercises work your body. 

Protect Yourself and Have Rock Solid Confidence

When you truly believe that you can protect yourself and your family if you need to your confidence skyrockets. There’s comfort in knowing that you’ve prepared yourself to the best of your ability. If I don’t believe in it I wouldn’t teach it because the stakes are high. Not to scare you but when you must defend your life you really can’t afford to come in second place. So I can’t afford to waste your time or mine. I have to make you realize the truth which is you’re fully capable of protecting yourself.

This confidence goes beyond the training room and begins to display in every area of your life. I can’t explain in words how much my life changed when I began learning to protect myself. The best way to explain it is that I found my courage through Guided Chaos. This is the gift that I offer and I genuinely look forward to sharing it with you.