How To Turn Your Cane Into A Weapon

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1. Intro to Guided Chaos Cane-Fighting

Recently, I returned home for a tune-up with Grandmaster John Perkins at the Elmsford headquarters in New York. These tune-ups are routine for me starting back when I entered college. My tuneups generally consist of training with Grandmaster Perkins and his instructors and getting my butt-kicked…a lot. In a fun way of course! Then, I’m able to practice everything I learn with my students in Atlanta. This class Grandmaster Perkins decided to cover cane-fighting and specific scenarios where you need to use one. Today, I’d like to discuss what we went over and how to develop these skills for yourself.

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2. Basic Grips and Striking Methods

Initially, Grandmaster Perkins went over how to deal with multiple attackers while sitting down. If you’re dealing with an armed attacker while sitting down and they stab without you realizing it there’s nothing you can do. However, if you get an inclination there about to attack it’s best to attack first. He showed a variety of grips you could use such as holding the grip of the cane in your right hand while holding it lower towards the middle with your left. You can open up with an attack to the persons groin with the bottom of the cane, immediately flipping the cane over and hitting the head with the top of the cane.

These attacks are the start of a continuation of blows that end once you’re able to escape. After hitting one person you can “richochet” off the target and hit another assailant. Target different parts of the legs and then go to the head. Utilize the cane to slam into the attackers hand to disrupt their movement. This is especially useful if the attacker has a knife in theirhand. Feeling these blows even with a foam pad hurt considerably especially when Grandmaster Perkins began “dropping” (guided chaos method to gain full-power) on his strikes. Also, as he’s hitting he protected himself simultaneously by angling out the way.

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A good cane is dangerous and can be utilized immediately without needing to conceal it!
3. Learning how to hit from any position

John’s motion was guided by all the principles of guided chaos and wasn’t separate. He moved his entire body to generate powerful strikes allowing him to hit from different angles. If you grabbed the weapon John used his sensitivity (reaction guided by sense of touch) to tell him how’d to respond. Sometimes he’d use your grip to off balance you, making you step and then hit you. Or, he’d simply turn the grip over to break it while hitting you at the same time. Grabbing the weapon felt like putting your hand in a grinder where it would get destroyed.

Then, Grandmaster Perkins stood up and showed how he might deal with a possible standing attacker with a weapon. He said that he never “spars” with the person with the knife. He “attacks the attacker” and goes straight in on the person from where he is. He can attack your weapon hand as one option as he moves in and attacks. This is where things got really nasty as John showed how things would feel with a real cane that was in class. He whipped the cane around and showed how even on larger swings he can instantly recover into a punishing blow. This is because John never over-commits and is instantly ready to hit in other directions if he needs too.

4. Cane-fighting is even more effective in close

John then demonstrated how the damage is worse if the person decides to grapple you. As they attempt to close distance you can strike the persons head as they’re pre-occupied with grabbing you. From there you can immediately transition into short continuous jack-hammer strikes into the throat, head and body. Once again, if they happen to get a grip on the weapon you can use your arm to strike them or start kicking with your feet.

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5. To develop these skills you must practice in a free-form way

To get a feel for this type of hitting you have to practice in a free-form fashion experimenting with hitting from every possible angle you can think of. You can’t develop the varied, multi-directional, unpredictable yet devastatingly effective power that Grandmaster Perkins has while practicing set memorized techniques. So start off by hitting the heavy bag using basic grips. Grips such as the one I mentioned before, or switching to having your left hand on the top of the cane while your right hand is closer to the bottom. From here you can hit with the top of the cane downward, to the side etc. Vary your strikes on the bag and then progress to working with a partner. Grandmaster Perkins had the class practice sitting down with a cane while your partner stood over you trying to grab the cane. From there you began practicing evading your partner while finding ways to strike.

6. Final Thoughts

Lastly, begin finding ways you can manipulate your partners balance with the cane. Experiment with striking to the knee while pressing in certain directions then come over the top and hit to the head. When the person goes to block their head slowly smash your partners arm out the way then go straight into piercing the throat. Understand this is one “idea” of how you can move. You must EXPERIMENT to develop the ability to instantly adapt to the motion of your assailants and end the situation as you need to. Interested???? Many of these ideas won’t make sense until you feel them for yourself! Get to a guided chaos class to feel for yourself!

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