How To Use Deception To Enhance Your Self-defense!

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1. Practice deception

In self-defense classes, most teachers place emphasis on using deception and subterfuge to set-up your preemptive striking assault. However, it’s not enough to just know you should use deception before striking your assailant. You have to practice it in role-playing scenarios so you’ll do it under duress convincingly. Today, I’ll give you a few tips to do that. So in order to properly develop subterfuge in your self-defense training, practice asking questions before you strike, feigning submissiveness, and incorporating objects before you strike your opponent.

2. Distract by asking questions

Before you preemptively strike your assailant attempt to distract them by asking a question. This could be in the form of saying “hey man what’s this all about?” Or “what’s the problem?”. Ask this in a very casual manner raising your hands as if you’re really wondering what’s the problem. As soon as he begins to answer attack him preemptively. Have a partner stand in front of you with a pad while you ask your generic question. Then immediately explode into the pad and attack.

3. Feign submissiveness

Feign cowardice and express passive behavior before you strike. Say something like “come on man, just leave me alone” or “I don’t want any trouble please stop”. Be sure to make this convincing, change your tone of voice to reflect someone who is actually intimidated and petrified. Alter your body language to reflect someone who is passive. This will put the person at ease lowering their guard for a split-second hopefully creating an opening for you to attack. As before practice this with a partner or against a heavy bag

4. Incorporate objects

Get in the habit of using objects to distract your assailant before you hit them. Throw loose change in their eyes, put a newspaper up to their face and hit them, take any object you have in your hand and throw it at them as a distraction before you attack them viciously. This has one advantage over words because it will physically get them to cover their eyes or protect their head in some capacity. When they do this naturally follow up and attack until the situation is over.

5. Closing thoughts

As always practice is key to being able to implement these skills. So get training and let me know how it goes!

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