I’m busy! I can only train once a week…

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How to Improve on a Busy Schedule!


I. Introduction

Every martial arts instructor has heard this from their students. We loathe those words that come from their mouths and yet we can only stand there and say ok! Many instructors don’t like hearing this because they can’t ask for more money out of you. Well they have to keep the doors open to their schools so I can understand that feeling. However, for instructors like myself it’s not about the money. It’s much more about the fact I’ve observed many students of martial arts and how they train. From my time in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and guided chaos any student that joins a class definitely has a desire to get better. Many people don’t realize however that training once a week is not going to give you the results that you really want from training. Therefore in this post let’s discuss how students can reach their goals despite not having a lot of time to spend on training.


II. Train three times a week

Students at a minimum should train three times a week in order to continue to improve at martial arts generally. From my experience, this allows the students to integrate their skills into their subconscious. In martial arts you’re attempting to develop the ability to react to different stimuli without thinking about the movements. The way you develop this skill is by having familiarity with the movements that you’re practicing. In Guided Chaos Combatives this is extremely important. When you’re in an adrenaline fueled situation where you’re afraid for your life you don’t have time to think. All of your skills have to be done without conscious thought or else you’ll freeze when you should be attacking!

Also training three times a week develops more confidence in the students long-term. When students train three times a week they improve. When they’re improving they feel better about themselves and their ability to make the skills work in the real-world. Training once a week doesn’t do this because it’s hard to see improvement. Your improvement is so slow that you think you’re not getting any better. Therefore you think you’re not any better now then when you first started training. This can have disastrous effects because so much of fighting is mental. Often if you think that you can’t defend yourself you’ll respond half-heartedly because you don’t think you can win!


III. It’s about what you want

A great martial art is geared towards students individual needs and goals. Therefore Guided Chaos Combatives has been developed by Grandmaster John Perkins to teach regular people how to fight larger, more aggressive people in the shortest time possible. I’ve often been reminded by my teachers that after the first class we have given people great skill and mindset to defend an attack. Therefore I won’t ask a student to train more than they’re willing to give. I’m confident that with the bare minimum the art I teach can still save your life. However, please understand that no matter how great an art is you still must do your part. To get the most out of your experience you want to set yourself in a position to succeed. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation wishing that you would’ve trained more. So the solution is try to train at least three times a week!


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