Atlanta Combatives Center Founder

Omari George

-Guided Chaos Combatives Instructor

-Guided Chaos Instructor

-3rd Degree Black Belt

Omari George is among the most highly decorated instructors in the state of Georgia. Omari brings more than a decade of experience training with the greatest combat experts in the world. At the age of 14, he began training under the tutelage of Renzo Gracie and his championship-caliber staff in Manhattan. Due to his talent, he was given permission to train in the adult class where he would learn from Brazilian jiu-jitsu legends such as Professor Rolles Gracie, Igor Gracie, Daniel Gracie, and Jose “Zed” Chierighini. Eventually, Omari would begin training under Professor John Danaher who works with MMA/UFC and grappling champions such as Firas Zahabi, Georges st-pierre, Chris Weidman, Frankie Edgar, Kenny Florian, Jake Shields, Gordan Ryan, Garry Tonon and more. At the age of 15, Omari would have the honor of receiving his blue belt from Professor Danaher.

It’s at this time Omari would meet legendary close combat master Grandmaster John Perkins. During the initial meeting Grandmaster, Perkins worked with Omari for thirty minutes shutting down everything that he tried to do. He effortlessly struck and off-balanced him, completely dominating him despite his extensive training in boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It was at this point that Omari was hooked and knew he had to learn the art called “Guided Chaos”.

New Beginnings

Omari would go on to work closely with Guided Chaos founder and forensic homicide expert John Perkins and his world-class team. These instructors included Grandmaster Tim Carron a 10th-degree black belt in Guided Chaos and the only student of John Perkins to receive the esteemed rank. He was also a Vietnam veteran with decades of real-world fighting experience and over twenty years of teaching experience in Guided Chaos. Senior Guided Chaos master level instructor Lieutenant Colonel Al Ridenhour. A marine with decades of real combat experience who had multiple tours in Iraq where he served as an instructor in unarmed combat for his Marine Corps unit and the battalions’ scout sniper platoon. He also was a liaison officer for the WarLab in Quantico Virginia. Senior Guided Chaos master level instructor Michael Watson who has acquired years of experience in personal protection, detailed security work, and real combative fighting experience. Senior Guided Chaos master level instructor Matt Kovsky and 4th-degree black belt Guided Chaos instructor Ari Kandel. Ari Kandel has over 20 years of experience teaching self-defense/close combat and has taught seminars across the country and was one of the highest-ranking wingchun instructors in New York.

Under these men, Omari trained diligently and eventually would begin training in Guided Chaos exclusively. He would go on to receive his first-degree black at 17 and become the youngest instructor in the history of the organization receiving his certification at 19. He then would open the Atlanta Combatives Center creating the first combatives school of its kind in Georgia. Omari would continue to train, improve his teaching ability and receive his third-degree black belt at 23. Later on, he would become recognized as a certified Guided Chaos instructor in addition to being a certified Combatives instructor respectively.

Continuing The Legacy of Excellence

Omari is the only Guided Chaos Combatives and Guided Chaos Instructor in the Georgia area. His unique experience training under combat experts since the age of 13 gives him the ability to transfer knowledge to you in a clear and concise way regardless of your martial background. This makes his intense classes invaluable and is the reason why people travel so far for the unique opportunity to work with him. Omari remains committed to continuing the legacy of Grandmaster Perkins by teaching to the highest standard and bringing the best out of each client.

Just put Omari through more serious training in New York…I and Master Ridenhour and Master Watson know Omari to be a dedicated student and instructor. Train at Atlanta Combatives and grow along with them and the Guided Chaos family”.-

-John C. Perkins, Creator of Guided Chaos