It doesn’t matter who trained you….Can YOU fight like that??

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Fighting with the body that You Have

Many people will mention the various instructors they trained with. Often they will use the feats of their instructor as a way to explain the effectiveness of the art that they practice. The problem with this is that often high-level instructors in specific arts are extremely gifted and athletic individuals. The things they do are specific to them and can only be done by other extremely gifted individuals. The movements they can make work in a real fight are not the things that the average person can expect to do. Therefore, this means if you try to do these things in combat you could find yourself seriously injured and/or killed.

This isn’t meant to denigrate other arts that rely on movements that require extreme flexibility, physical conditioning, quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination to work. It’s to say that many people don’t have these qualities and don’t have the time to work towards having these qualities. Also they might not have the extreme athleticism certain martial artists have that allows them to have these qualities naturally to a certain extent. However, they still need to defend themselves! This is the importance of guided chaos and the benefits it has for many people.

Guided Chaos works for anyone regardless of how much time they have put in to training and their current physical athletic ability. The reason is the training incorporates simple strikes that don’t require a large amount of athleticism to work. It uses you bodies natural ability and enhances them to the best of your ability. Come to class to see what I’m talking about!

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