Our Commitment To You

Guided Chaos Combatives teaches the most effective techniques in existence today. In teaching these methods we’re committed to teaching in the most effective method as well. On the contrary, most martial art schools teach their tactics and techniques completely random. Instructors show up and simply teach based on what they prefer that day. Learning in this manner is extremely frustrating and daunting for students. New students feel left behind and advanced students don’t feel like their progressing because they have no direction. It’s been our experience that this leads to students quitting quickly and being berated by instructors for lacking motivation. However, the problem doesn’t lie with the student but how information is being taught to you. Our commitment is to ensure we never put you in this situation.

The Atlanta Combatives Solution

Realizing this problem Guided Chaos Combatives has created a systematic program so you can learn to defend yourself without the headaches. We do ALL the hard work for you so you can focus on learning. Our programs are divided so you can learn the Guided Chaos system at your own pace in a sensible organized way. The first program is our beginner Level 1 course which is designed to teach you the basics of self-protection. In this class, we go over effective striking techniques that allow you to instantly disable your attacker with ruthless efficiency. Furthermore, we teach revolutionary ground-fighting techniques that allow you to survive real-world conflicts.

Going Further

Our Level 2 course builds on this foundation and begins to integrate the skills to more situations making you more combatively effective. Furthermore, we introduce clients to a revolutionary martial training program that is based on dynamic motion principles. At this point, we begin to discard patterned techniques in favor of combative attributes that’ll allow the client to instantly adapt to any violent situation. These attributes include the development of greater balance which yields explosive power in close quarters. Tactile sensitivity which allows you to instantly feel the strikes and grabs of your assailant, move out of the way of them while striking decisively. These attributes have been developed by Grandmaster John Perkins and are taught virtually nowhere else.

So please feel free to click around and learn more about our programs. We look forward to seeing you on the mats!