Q and A

How much does Guided Chaos Combatives cost?
Guided Chaos Combatives costs 120 dollars for the month. Or you can take advantage of our drop-in rate of 20/ per class.
Where can I study Guided Chaos Combatives in Atlanta?
At Atlanta Combatives of course! We offer the only Guided Chaos Combatives training in Georgia. We’re confident that when you train in this system you’ll realize that it’s the best self-defense training around!
Does Guided Chaos Combatives have punches?
In the beginning we teach people to use basic effective strikes that can be used by anyone regardless of size. This involves using palms, chops, eye strikes, elbows, ridge hands, head butts, elbows ,knees and more. These strikes are used to the most vulnerable parts of the human body in order to end the attack as soon as possible. Punches are typically reserved to hitting to the body because hitting to the head can cause serious injury to the hand. Which is why boxers and MMA fighters wrap their hands and then put gloves over them.
How long does it takes to master Guided Chaos Combatives?
Guided Chaos prides itself off of the fact that after one class you have the skills you need to protect yourself. Of course there’s a lot more to learn but the point is that you now have the mindset to survive in combat. In addition you have the basic skills to deal with many altercations on the street. After that you must master the basic skills and learn how to apply them in different situations. Devote yourself to 4 weeks of serious practice and watch the results come in!