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John Perkins Guided Chaos

Brutal Beginnings

Hi, my name is Omari George and I’m the head instructor at the Atlanta Combatives Center. Welcome to our website! I’d like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit. I’m confident that if you’re looking for self-defense to save your life I can help you. When Grandmaster John Perkins created Guided Chaos he wanted to create an art that worked for everyone. As a policeman, John’s beat included some of the worst neighborhoods in New York. He routinely worked backup responding to violent crimes in progress. Eventually he was involved in over 700 arrests of which at least 100 ended in serious injury or death. Furthermore working in the New York Crime lab he became an expert in blood-splatter analysis. These experiences allowed him to discover what works when people are fighting for survival.

Breaking from Tradition

In 1978, Perkins innovated his own system based on lack of effectiveness from others. He abandoned patterned techniques for methods that promoted adaptability under duress. Despite the number of techniques you know it will only work if the situation matches the practiced techniques. Under stress it’s extremely difficult to predict what your assailant will do and pick the right technique. In combat there is a split second to react and you don’t have time to think about which technique to use. Furthermore how much time do YOU have to spend training in technique? How long does it take before you can rely on this technique to work when your life depends on it? If it takes awhile to master one technique how can you possibly master the other techniques to reliably work in combat?

The Mission

From this dilemma Grandmaster Perkins created Guided Chaos Combatives. It is the first level of Guided Chaos and with 6 weeks of practice you can fight for your life! It focuses on simple WWII era strikes designed to help in most violent attacks. Atlanta Combatives is proud to further the tradition of Guided Chaos by teaching effective self-defense to save your life. Feel free to take advantage of life-saving tips on the site. We look forward to teaching you!

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