Self-defense Sucks!

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The Problem with Self-Defense Training

 1. Self-defense classes are ineffective

Self-defense is a strange topic in our society. It’s strange because many of us say it’s important but don’t get around to learning it. In fact we are more concerned about personal fitness than we are about our personal safety. While I think staying healthy is important I think knowing self-defense is integral to staying healthy as well. So if learning self-defense is important why aren’t more people doing it? The reason is most self-defense classes are ineffective and don’t deal with violence in a way that works.  Let’s discuss more in-depth how these classes are problematic and how they should be changed.


2. They don’t help you deal with crime

Many don’t properly discuss the problem of violent crime in America. They don’t discuss how criminals behave, their motivations for their behavior and the different types of criminals. There’s no discussion of how various criminals target people and the things to pay attention too. They present criminals in an oversimplified way or don’t discuss them at all. A good self-defense class teaches how rapists try to gain control over victims, how the pyschopathic stalker gains peoples trust. It teaches how robbers try to size you up if you’re an easy target. But most classes never mention these things so people think they can’t be helped and that the classes are worthless.


3. They don’t teach you how to fight better

Also classes don’t teach practical solutions on how to defend yourself. Again the tips are simplified answers that only work on clumsy attackers. Most of it wouldn’t work on serious determined attackers who are trying to kill you. For example, in many classes they will teach to just “kick attackers in the groin” or “poke them in the eyes”. While these aren’t bad strategies, attackers don’t allow you to kick them in the groin or poke them in the eye. They’re actively trying to stop you from doing those things and imposing their own aggressive attack on you. Most classes don’t offer any way to deal with this and so the classes are not practical or useful.

The classes don’t explain the seriousness and difficulty of self-defense. Classes are taught in a light-heartened manner where you teach people a few techniques, have them do a few push-ups and punch big padded heads. Let me be clear, classes should be fun but self-defense is very difficult to learn. No matter who you are, how tough you are defending yourself from an attacker/attackers who are possibly on drugs, much bigger than you and possibly have weapons is HARD. Learning a few techniques won’t allow you to defend yourself. You have to practice movements until they become second nature to you. You have to cultivate a ruthless attitude where you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to survive.


4. Don’t teach how to properly deal with weapons

Dealing with weapons isn’t taught in a serious and effective way. This is problematic considering how many attacks in the U.S involve weapons. The truth is there isn’t a sure way to defend against a weapon. You can do everything correctly defending against a knife and still get killed. You can execute the perfect gun defense technique but drop the gun or it slips and be fatally shot. Weapons defense is even more difficult than hand to hand combat and to be proficient you have to train in their defense even more. Most self-defense classes don’t teach this way, they tell you after a couple classes you can deal with knives and guns with no problem.


5. How to move forward

The self-defense industry needs to be completely changed. The reason is because of the above points and because it’s important we give the best service to people who are interested in defending themselves. When we don’t we could get people seriously injured or killed. Therefore, as professionals we owe it to our clients to teach the best skills possible to give them the best chance of survival to our students. We need to become one of the most sought after industries because people want the training but right now they don’t think we can help them.

Guided Chaos is the solution for anyone looking for self-defense that really works. It adequately discusses all aspects of violent crime. It teaches about various types of criminals and the way they will try to target you. Furthermore it teaches actual ways to stop attackers. Which is what self-defense classes should mainly be focusing on. The fact is when clients come to train in Guided Chaos we teach people the most effective ways to defend themselves regardless of age, size or physical shape. It doesn’t matter if the attackers are armed, on drugs we give you the best shot to go home to your family. THATS what self-defense is about. If more classes are like this I believe more people would train in self-defense.

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