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The difference between combat and a sport

Engaging in a competitive match is very different than an all-out violent assault on the street. As a result the way you train for a competitive match is different than a close quarters situation. This has been very difficult for people to understand because typically experts don’t say this. In fact, many experts argue the opposite which is no-holds barred fights are similar to close quarters engagements. Therefore, I’ve compiled a short list describing the differences. Enjoy!

  1. Sporting competition has rules
  2. Combat has no rules
  3. Sporting competition has one attacker
  4. Combat often has more than one attacker
  5. Sporting competition has no danger of weapons
  6. Combat often involves attackers with weapons
  7. Sporting competitors aren’t allowed to be on any drugs of any kind
  8. Violent criminals often are on mind-altering substances and drugs when they attack people
  9. Sporting competitions happen in open-area, well lit environments
  10. Violent assaults happen in small areas like elevators, hallways, cars, parking garages, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, office spaces, clubs and bars etc. Also these areas aren’t usually well-lit places. There could be dim-lit to complete darkness.
  11. Sporting competitors don’t want to kill one another
  12. Violent criminals often want to kill their victims and victims might need to kill their attacker
  13. Sporting competitors usually don’t hate each other
  14. In combat victims hate their attacker and their attacker might hate them
  15. Sporting competitors don’t wear clothes
  16. In combat victims are wearing clothes that makes certain movement more difficult, and easier to be manipulated by their attacker
  17. Sporting competitors fight face-to-face
  18. In combat violent criminals attack you from the side, behind you, from the front while speaking to you etc.
  19. Sporting competitors are aware that they’re about to fight and are mentally prepared to engage in combat
  20. Victims of violent assaults are attacked randomly without any warning often.
  21. Sporting competitors have to be medically checked and cleared before they can fight
  22. Victims of violent assaults have to fight regardless of their physical condition. They may be injured or out of training for various reasons.
  23. Sporting competitors don’t have to defend other people while they’re fighting
  24. In combat you might have to defend your loved ones while at the same time protecting yourself
  25. Sporting competitors fight within their weight class
  26. Violent criminals typically seek out weaker victims in order to take advantage of less physically strong victims
  27. Sporting competitions end when a referee decides a fighter is taking too much damage
  28. Violent criminals won’t stop when you’re losing a fight. Therefore you can’t afford to lose a fight where your life is on the line
  29. Sporting competitors don’t need to be concerned with their opponent randomly bringing out a weapon in the middle of a fight or more attackers coming
  30. In combat weapons aren’t usually presented until after the assault has begun not before. Also it’s common that victims will initially be assaulted by one person only to be attacked by more people as the assault ensues.


That’s all for right now folks! More on this later…Bring the chaos!

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