5 things criminals understand about violence that martial artists don’t

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1. Nobody cares about who’s the better fighter it’s only about winning  Gathering achievements in martial arts is an incredible feat. The discipline, mental toughness, and skills it takes to become a combat sports champion is amazing. That said, violent criminals don’t care and they’re going to do everything in their power to cheat to […]

Intervening on Violent Situations…Should You Do it?

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1. Should you Intervene in a Situation? It’s inevitable you’ll witness someone in a distressful situation. You might witness a dispute, confrontation, robbery, kidnapping, attempted sexual assault, etc. This raises questions about what to do in such a situation. As close combat practitioners, there’s a tendency to want to jump in headfirst and show off […]

How To Use Deception To Enhance Your Self-defense!

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1. Practice deception In self-defense classes, most teachers place emphasis on using deception and subterfuge to set-up your preemptive striking assault. However, it’s not enough to just know you should use deception before striking your assailant. You have to practice it in role-playing scenarios so you’ll do it under duress convincingly. Today, I’ll give you […]

How Criminals Use Fear to Assault You! Don’t Fall For This Ploy!

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1. Criminals use aggressive ploys to intimidate you In practical self-defense we spend considerable time training to deal with “interview scenarios”. These are confrontations that begin with a criminal attempting to distract you in some manner before attacking you. This distraction can be relaxed or exceedingly aggressive. Today, I want to discuss how to deal […]

3 Signs You’re Being Targeted For Attack! Don’t Ignore These!

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1. Excessive nervousness, attempts to get close to you, and excessive eye contact Often I’m asked by students what’re important indicators you can notice to predict if someone will attack you. Upon first hearing this question you might believe it’s silly as nobody is a mind-reader. While this is true, there actually are behaviors that […]