Intervening on Violent Situations…Should You Do it?

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1. Should you Intervene in a Situation? It’s inevitable you’ll witness someone in a distressful situation. You might witness a dispute, confrontation, robbery, kidnapping, attempted sexual assault, etc. This raises questions about what to do in such a situation. As close combat practitioners, there’s a tendency to want to jump in headfirst and show off […]

How To Use Deception To Enhance Your Self-defense!

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1. Practice deception In self-defense classes, most teachers place emphasis on using deception and subterfuge to set-up your preemptive striking assault. However, it’s not enough to just know you should use deception before striking your assailant. You have to practice it in role-playing scenarios so you’ll do it under duress convincingly. Today, I’ll give you […]

Does Sparring REALLY Prepare You For Self-Defense? Let’s Find Out!

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1. Conventional sparring isn’t the best preparation for self-defense Martial artists argue sparring is the best measure of a martial arts effectiveness in real-world self-defense. Allegedly, it provides the best reliable “evidence” we can use to ascertain what techniques work on a resisting opponent. To the extent they work on a resisting opponent we can […]