3 Signs You’re Being Targeted For Attack! Don’t Ignore These!

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1. Excessive nervousness, attempts to get close to you, and excessive eye contact Often I’m asked by students what’re important indicators you can notice to predict if someone will attack you. Upon first hearing this question you might believe it’s silly as nobody is a mind-reader. While this is true, there actually are behaviors that […]

Self defense starts with your mindset

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1. Mindset is most important for self-defense When I began training in brazilian jiu-jitsu I was told mindset is important to being a successful athlete. Again in guided chaos I was advised that your mindset is critical to defending yourself. Initially this is strange for people to hear because if you can’t perform physically you […]

Honest thoughts on BJJ

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1. Bjj as the ultimate self-defense Inevitably if you study martial arts you will hear about Brazilian jiu-jitsu. To many bjj represents the pinnacle of self-defense, the ability to defeat a larger, more aggressive attacker without inflicting serious injury. Americans always wanted the skill to have a physical and moral victory, to win and not […]