The Mindset of A Modern Warrior

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1. Introduction

It’s critical that you understand regardless of how physically capable you become your mindset is most important to be able to protect yourself. The most skilled person in the world is useless if they can’t commit when they need to. If you can’t pull the trigger of aggression, resilience, and courage when you need it the physical skills are irrelevant. This is why in Guided Chaos we stress developing your mindset in regards to combat so often. So I’m going to focus on three critical components that are necessary to have the proper mindset to defend yourself. The three components are bravery, the decision to never give up and acceptance of your own mortality. 

2. Bravery

Bravery is important because it allows the warrior to act despite the fear they may experience. This is important because when you defend yourself you will probably be scared. Your legs may tremble and your heart may feel like it’s going to burst. That said regardless of those uncomfortable feelings you must resolve yourself to ACT anyway. You DECIDE that you will go forward regardless of the internal feelings and doubt you have. In time you may begin to recognize those feelings aren’t bad as well, they actually are your bodies’ natural mechanism to get you READY to engage your assailants. 

3. Never give up

The decision to never give up allows you to find a way to survive at all costs. The sad truth in combat or in life is that we often give up too soon and as a result never achieve what we wanted despite it being around the corner. The same is true in combat when we give in and don’t continue the fight we succumb to a bad fate despite the possibility that if we wouldn’t have stopped our victory was near. It then is practical for us to never stop attacking, never give in but to keep going until we find a path to victory and survival or die trying. In other words “come back with your shield or ON IT”.


4. Acceptance

Acceptance of mortality involves accepting that we’re human and that we can only do the best that we can do. We’re not superhuman, we’re not immune to mistakes, we can’t know what’s going to happen if we act we can ONLY do what we can do when we need to do it. So we take comfort or dare I say become empowered by our ability to control the things we can control. Also, we ignore the things that we can’t. If we decide that we MUST defend ourselves or loved ones we go in with complete faith in our abilities and accept our fate however it goes letting the chips fall where they may. 

5. Conclusion

It’s my hope that you find some value in this article. As I’ve stated I believe that until you come to grips with these things your physical training is simply “exercising” with no purpose. Also in your “heart” and “soul”, you don’t truly know if you’ll go to the place you need to when it’s time too. So meditate on these words and begin developing this spirit in you. You’ll be glad you did!

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