Your training for life and death not your ego…lesson from Grandmaster John Perkins

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Words from Grandmaster Perkins

Something some of us don’t realize when we are practicing GC……

Guided Chaos is not for dueling or competition…The training is designed for worst case scenarios like life and death assasination style attacks or multiple assailant attacks…Armed and unarmed…

When training together we practice moving in unrehearsed non patterned movement…
This does not include hitting or striking smaller or less advanced people with real intent to demonstrate how much tougher you are..
If that were the case then me or Michael or Al or Tom Barnett or even non masters like Mir or Soularis could just decide to teach anyone smaller how much stronger and tougher they are…
The intent could be hidden as just a way of showing how real things could get..
That is bullshit..
No one would learn if the advanced or larger folks decided to just punish a smaller person for getting out of line…OR in many cases the smaller person doesn’t understand what is going on..
Here is where any advanced or larger person should control themselves and not take  any psychological stuff out on others…If this were the case there would be no learning and I would have no students…If you think that you would like to really go at it with one of the instructors of higher ability or especially size you will be out of luck because we will not kick anyone’s butt unless they are actually being violent and really trying to hurt us…In other words keep your head at all times..You can go really fast with some power with the senior guys, if allowed, and that’s it..

I just emailed this to over 40 of you…No one is singled out here…We all have been guilty of this at times…

Thanks…John Perkins

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